Tuesday, July 10, 2007

They Keep Getting BIGGER

The Houses Keep Getting Bigger and Bigger. Here's one that gives you an illusion of a Castle Tower.

I'm not sure if families are getting a lot bigger or they just want a lot of space so they don't have to be together all the time - but touring some of these homes requires a map and living there would require an intercom system, cell phones and/or web cams to keep in touch with family members in various areas of the house.

Most of the houses now have a HUGE game room with the obligatory Pool Table. I wonder what's in the next phase - a trampoline?? Maybe an indoor Olympic size pool? I did see an indoor bowling alley once in a magazine......

The Kitchens are another area that has grown tremendously. I like the fact that they are now open to the whole entertaining area - as opposed to the small, tight, isolated rooms of bygone days. This particular one would have required a wide angle lens to capture the whole room. Three cooks could easily work simultaneously here.

Amusing to tour but as for a day to day living experience - I'd find it exhausting traveling from one end of the house to the other all day long. Not to mention maintaining it - I see an opportunity for cleaning service businesses here.

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Monday, July 9, 2007

Back to Model Homes

I spent some time traveling.
My daughter graduated Law School - Major event ! Traveled to attend graduation.
Spent a week at DisneyWorld with family. Also got to see a life long friend that lives near Orlando.
Now that I'm back -
I finally had some free time to go looking at Model Homes again.
I took some pictures, this time.
Here are some of the "Features" that I found appealing:

This was a built-in alcove with a really pretty mirror.

This was a cozy little room - alongside the bedroom. Decorated in a pastel, nautical "beachy" theme and perfectly inviting for relaxing "me" time. Perhaps to read a good book.

I have a real weakness for a backyard pool. I love to swim - sit by the pool and read, relax or even look out at the water from inside the house. This house had some really elegant features besides the pool.

Home entertainment must be the big Trend. Several models featured large Game Rooms with huge pool tables. Home Theaters are also a biggee. One house had a room without windows painted black? or charcoal (so it would be totally dark when the doors were closed)- set up with recliners and a huge projection screen TV. Although these were elaborate, well done, and somewhat impressive, if given a choice, I'd opt for the above items in the pictures. [More to Come]