Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Another Day, another Model Home

Out to Cibolo Canyons - an appropriate name - hills and rocks. The builder = "Meritage" had two models. Extremely large, well made with many elaborate features.

One model had a rounded two-story stone enclosure around the front door that looked like a castle tower. Different!

One feature I really liked was a dining room with a mirrored wall. The wall was further finished with frames made of stained wood. Since this room was visible when entering the house, it provided an interesting optical illusion.

Some of the decorative features were a little "over-the-top", like the alcoves cut into the walls - with vases or sculptures. Amusing to see in a model but not sure how many families would have these items to display and I don't know what else they would be good for.

There was a "media"room in the center of the upstairs level. The room had no windows, and was painted black? with rows of recliner chairs facing a wall with a huge projection screen tv. Gave the effect of a movie theater.

The game room had a stage at one end with a set of drums sitting on it. The decor was 50's malt shop with pedestal tables and stools. Cute!

The kitchen in one model was the "corridor style," pretty, tastefully decorated but very Long. Both models had an "open" kitchen/family room area.

The back porch was covered with a roof and had a fireplace. Cozy!

In addition to being quite large, they had innovative floor plans - not your run of the mill development house.

I would have liked to take pictures but forgot my camera, so I'll have to go back again.

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