Monday, April 30, 2007

Model Home Spectacular

Out to Cibolo Canyons, these Models were exquisite. Three builders: Meritage, Highland Homes and Newmark Homes each displayed two models.

The layouts and features were way beyond ordinary homes. All were two stories. The rooms were large and there were many of them.

This was euphoria for a Model Home Addict. Obviously the homes are extremely well built with top quality materials. But I'm talking about decorating... I absolutely loved walking through these models.

Innovative layouts, color schemes, features (like the mirrored wall covered with wooden framing), special rooms (like the "black room" movie theater).

There was one feature I thought a little over the top. One home had several "alcoves" - though they looked good in the decorating style of the model, especially with the contrast painting. I'm just wondering if you don't have the perfect vase or similar item - what are they good for?

There was just too much to take in on one visit. (And I forgot my camera) so I will have to make a trip back to see these again.

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