Friday, April 6, 2007

First Secret of Decorating

First Secret of Decorating:

Before starting any decorating project


Having the correct measurements will save you TIME, MONEY and DISAPPOINTMENT.

Nothing is worse than getting into a project and finding you didn't get enough of the materials (paint, carpet, fabric, etc) to complete the job and having to stop and get more - or WORSE finding out it's been discontinued or out of stock!

Or the stuff doesn't fit the place you're putting it, or you can't open or close a door, or it blocks the only window in the room, or you can't get it into the room. Are you getting the idea?

It only takes a few minutes and an inexpensive measuring tape to avoid those and other problems.

When measuring, there are a few things to remember:

  • Get accurate numbers - For large areas, have someone help by holding one end of the measuring tape
  • Take note of any door openings. You have to allow for clearance of door swings
  • Take note of window heights. measure from floor to window bottom .
  • If there are any furniture items already in the room, measure them.
  • Measure floor to ceiling - as well as corner to corner for projects involving painting or wallpapering.
  • In addition to writing down the measurements, it helps to sketch the area, noting any architectural items: windows, doors, built-ins.
  • When measuring for window treatments, Measure the inside window opening and the whole window including the surrounding molding.
  • Note the doorway opening (height and width) to be sure large or odd shaped items can be brought in.

Good luck with your project!
Rosemarie Zera
The Model Home Addict

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