Friday, April 20, 2007

Round and Round we Go

As I was shopping for a Washer and Dryer recently I had a flash of deja vu.

It stuck me how fashion goes round and round. Way back in the 40's and 50's appliances were White. Since having "real" appliances - replacing the "Ice Box" or "Coal Stove" was enough of a treat - no one was concerned about color.

But awhile later, (in the 60's ) it was not enough just to have appliances. You had to get the new fashionable colored appliances. All the new homes came with Coppertone, Avocado Green, or Harvest Gold - no one would want "Old Fashioned White".

Then a little time passed and the "New" color was "Almond" and you no longer saw any Coppertone, Green or Gold.

Well, shortly thereafter the "New" look was - of all things "White". To give you a choice there was also Black or Stainless Steel, but for the most part all the appliances were back to White.

So I was surprised and amused to find that there are "New" "Hot" colors - Cherry Red and Blueberry. And not only are there NEW colors, the machines have "Features" that are so high tech, you may need to attend a class to understand how to use them.

There was a setting that would sterilize your clothes in the event of a Cholera outbreak. And the dryer would continue to recirculate your clothes and buzz every few minutes to prevent wrinkling. Until you give in (or return home) and remove them.

Since the main function of these machines [which are usually kept behind closed doors] is to get your clothes clean and dry, I think the logic of spending thousands of dollars to get these extraordinary features and colors was wasted on me. If I'm going to pay a premium, the feature I want is to have the clothes put back neatly folded or hung up in my closet.

This post may not have as much to do with Home Decorating as it does airing my views on the absurdity of having "Fashion Colors" and "High Tech" in an area that should be "Sturdy, Functional and Out of Sight".

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