Tuesday, April 10, 2007

OK so now You have a "Box"

After touring the Model Homes, I'd inevitably be tempted to buy one. I could definitely see myself living there.

Clean, organized, all new appliances and furnishings. Everything matching and creating a "Total Look" - "A Feeling" that was an illusion of the "Perfect Home"

There would be a Price Sheet showing the cost for each Model. OK
Cleverly they would break it down to an estimated monthly payment. OK

then comes the kicker....

You want those cabinets? Well that's an extra $$$
That flooring? Well that's an extra $$$
Those appliances are an upgrade $$$
The skylight $$$
The fireplace $$$

Well now the amount has increased considerably. Assuming you can still afford to buy it....

What do you have when you move in?? An empty "BOX" - now you need window treatments, furniture, linens, accessories, etc.

And after paying the mortgage payment, the utility payments, and all the household expenses, You can't afford a Decorator.

Wow, what a come down... This house doesn't look anything like that Model!! - by the way, if you are at this point and want some inexpensive help- go to: http://taxgrammy.ayidbooks.hop.clickbank.net/

Sometimes you have some furniture or household items from a previous home. So you bring that in and fill in around them. Again it's not the "Model Home" that enticed you to buy.

Well at least that's the way I felt.....

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