Wednesday, April 25, 2007

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After moving to Texas a few months ago, I was too busy to fit in my favorite past time - which is visiting Model Homes. Getting moved and organized and keeping up my Bookkeeping/Tax Service filled up most of my time. Family members filled up the rest of my time. Now that the urgency of Tax Season is over, I was able to indulge in something really enjoyable.

It seems that Texas is experiencing a huge population growth - [similar to what had been happening in New Jersey (my previous home)]

Housing developments are sprouting up all around the city and surrounding area- with "Model Homes"..... "Paradise!"

So my search for New Homes was easy with dozens of choices. The first I decided to "Tour" was Roseheart by Sitterle Homes - these are Garden homes in a gated community. Immediately upon entering the "Feeling" was one of quality and exquisite taste.

The front door - with artistic glass - opened to a beautifully tiled foyer.

The decorating style used was "Dark," rich and elegant. The kitchen and bathroom cabinets were dark wood, with dark counter tops and built-ins . One of the kitchen built-ins - a "pantry" cabinet had sections that rolled out exposing more sections . An efficient, compact yet attractive way to store a great deal of "stuff". [As opposed to cabinets with big deep shelves - where stuff gets pushed to the back and lost = cluttered, messy and annoying. ]

Another practical feature was the lighting under the cabinets - where you need it when working in the kitchen. There were three models to look at - all one story with the "great room" at the center. The actual layouts and sizes varied only slightly. The decorator chose all dark woods, dark upholstered furniture and accessories. (nothing flashy or glitzy)

The walls were painted a light neutral, (some had a faux finish- for a softer look) there were plenty of windows and good lighting so the dark rich colors produced a comfortable, intimate feeling.

A clever feature was the "atrium" down one side of the house. Since these are Garden Homes and therefore close together, the atrium allowed for windows to provide light, yet maintained privacy.

Trees and shrubs surrounded the house. and the many large windows along the back made it seem like the Garden was part of the Home.

These Models scored high on my list - for both:

the Quality Building- with clever, useful features
the Fabulous Decorating - showing an elegant, yet inviting, comfortable lifestyle.

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